Friday Night Music Productions is like no other company in serving the independent music artist.  Our mission, our very reason for existence, is to make the world aware of your music.  In a time when musical content consumers have so many choices, so many avenues to receive their music, Friday Night Music Productions cuts through the confusion, cuts through the crowd, and elevates our artists to new heights.

Songwriters toiling away in anonymity, rock bands endlessly stuck in the bar/club circuit, great country-western artists playing way too many county fairs, single artists singing their heart out to too few people….we have an answer for them, and many more like them.  Explore what we do for our artists, how we elevate your music out of the noise, out of the pack, and make you accessible to newer and bigger audiences, more profitable tours and gigs, and best of all, success and recognition!

We offer four levels of service for your success.

See which fits your aspirations best and let us know.  We’ll talk over all the options, all the possible avenues to success relevant to your musical content, to you, the performer.