We offer four levels of service for your success. Which one best fits your aspirations best?

**Hollywood Content Consumers**

RSP and Friday Night Music Productions have extensive contacts and existing consumers of music content utilized in TV, Movie, and Advertising projects.  We will work with these Producers, Directors, and Production Companies to potentially sell or license your content for use in movies, TV Programming, Commercials, Plays, Video Games, and any other media requiring musical content.

**Content Distribution**

Tier 1: Sell your music through streaming, USB, and CD, and develop streaming and USB sales channels through Friday Night Music Productions and partners.  RSP earns 25% for all online sales.  Reports delivered quarterly. The band retains 100% of sales at their events. 

Tier 2: Work on potentially getting the your music out of the layers on distribution sites into the forefront.  This includes conversations with agencies.

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